Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weekly Pulls

Words: Brian Bendis
Pictures: John Romita, Jr.

A good title for this issue would be 'All Hell Breaks Loose!' Because, well, it kind of does.
You have some Avengers in the present fighting all kinds of odd things from Dinosaurs to WWI era fighter planes to Galactus while another group of Avengers goes into the future at the 'request' of Kang to prevent the Next Avengers from destroying everything.
Only...the Next Avengers AREN'T destroying anything, it was just a ruse to get the Avengers to go into the future.
So, the long and the short of it is Kang's mucking about in the time stream has finally destroyed it. Everything is every where it shouldn't be and Ultron is the main reason for it. The Ultron War is what Kang was fighting all this time by taking heroes from different times in an attempt at winning the war. Each time he did, he lost and went and got other heroes. Now all time is screwed and the Avengers have to figure out a way to fix it. Now, we're getting to the meat of this story which is good, I was considering dropping this title.
Also, the Marvel Universe Timeline in this issue was VERY interesting. Especially the part that reads "Galactus Seed"

Words: Jonathan Hickman
Pictures: Steve Epting

Three, Part 1: Okay, so all the stuff that's been happening that didn't seem to make much sense is starting to come together. The new civilizations and the line from #581 "All hope lies in Doom" are all coming together.
This issue serves as a recap of sorts in which Valeria finds Reeds rebuilt bridge which brought him into contact with the Council of Reeds who tasked themselves with solving...Everything but failed when the Celestials showed up and began to kill them all.
Meanwhile the FF are fighting in the High Evolutionary's city in an attempt at preventing their engine from exploding and de-evolving everyone withing a 100 mile radius.

But this all seems to take a backseat to Valeria and her 'quest' to correct her father's mistakes by seeking out the one person who may help her: Her Uncle Doom. Yeah, probably some of the most interesting pages in comics this year: Doom talking to a child that may be smarter than he is and striking a deal to help her father is she restores his brain to its pre-damaged version. Valeria is certainly becoming one of the more interesting characters in this book.
I just wish we had a different artist. Epting is a good artist he just doesn't seem to work well with this book.

Words: Jeff Parker
Pictures: Steve Sanders

Guest Starring Gorilla-Man!
Right, I have no idea who the hell Gorilla-Man is and I really don't care. One thing is for sure, this was the wrong way to follow up the Machine Man issue!
There really isn't much to say here, we have another one shot issue, which this series has been since it began, but while some issues are fun this one just falls flat for the most part.
It's probably because I really have no interest in a talking gorilla.
The only other thing here is this is the final issue I'm picking up for this series. I'm going to switch to getting it in trades which means I can wait a while, volume 3 picks up with #888 which is out next month so I won't be reading this series for another 5 or 6 months.
Now the only thing that bothers me is should I pick up another book to replace it or  just keep the 8 ongoing books I currently have...

Words: Bill Willingham
Pictures: Mark Buckingham

Rose Red, Part 5: She's back! That's right, Rose Red is back and she's taking charge of The Farm! She decides that since SHE runs things then all the garbage Geppetto had been doing, with being 'elected' Mayor of The Farm, among other things, is not valid and not happening.
She puts her foot down there and then picks a new order for things. THIS is the Rose Red I miss, take charge but take no crap.
On the Mister Dark front, Totenkinder has learned there might be one thing to stop him, possibly kill him and end his threat forever. But it won't be easy, good thing she's repowered and even takes on a younger form and older name: Bellflower. She says she's going to fight Mister Dark in a duel, one on one. VERY interesting.
This issue shows that while some may have thought Fables has lost it's punch that it hasn't. While reading this I was reminded why I love this series so much, the dialogue is very strong and the characters are rediscovering themselves after the chaos caused by the Great Fables Crossover.
Oh, and only two issues to go!!

THOR #615
Words: Matt Fraction
Pictures: Pasqual Ferry

With this issue we welcome a new creative team. Fraction has made a name for himself writing Invincible Iron Man and I was eager to see him write something I actually read. Here it is.
Picking up after Siege and the run in with Mephisto we find King Balder questioning his ability to lead the Asgardians, good thing he has Thor for a brother. The Thunderer explains to Balder that recent events are to big for him to take the blame and that he just needs to be a strong King. Wisdom comes from experience is the impression I got from his talk.
While this is going on we see the first attacks on the Nine Worlds. There is a void that must be filled. When Asgard appeared on Midgard (Earth for you DC fans) it left a void in the place where Asgard SHOULD be. This seems to have allowed a race presumably from another realm to start taking over the other 9, by killing everyone and destroying everything. This set up is great because it looks as though Thor and his fellow Asgardians will have to find a way to place Asgard in it's proper place AND defend it, along with Midgard, from these invaders. 
I was hoping Fraction would being a new level of excitement to this series and he seems to have delivered!

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