Monday, October 11, 2010

The Long Box #14: Lobo/Deadman

Words: Alan Grant
Pictures: Martin Emond
February 1995

The story begins with Lobo on his way to Earth, a place he really hates. After dealing with an annoying hitchhiker, we find out the reason he's coming to Earth is because he's been hired to arrest someone...that someone turns out to be Deadman.
Lobo has the thinking that Deadman is a really hard dude, someone that might give him a good fight.
Deadman, in the meanwhile, is going on vacation on the suggestion of his therapist. He decides to head to California. Thing it, in order to really enjoy his time there he needs a body. So, we get some body jumping on the part of Deadman, which he enjoys especially when he lands on Bizmo Beach and is set upon by hot chicks.
Then Lobo shows up.
After a quick reference to the Lobo Convention Special he proceeds to search for Deadman and ends up killing 2 people before finding the body Deadman inhabits. Of course this leads to a fight with three steroid freaks with muscles in places most people don't have places. This increases the body county by 3 more.
To stop Lobo's reign of violence, Deadman tries to take him over only to realize Lobo is unlike anyone he's dealt with before. To the point where Deadman starts talking and thinking like Lobo.

We then find out that the person who hired Lobo is Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips. He wants to study Deadman in hopes of figuring out the secret to Anti-Life. After arriving on Apokolips and, by habit, capturing Deadman, Lobo take a Mother Box and is given another offer: Kill himself. Why? Well, another hobby of Darkseid is wanting to become God. Not just A God but THE God. In order to do that he needs to learn all the secrets of Heaven. This is where Lobo comes in having been killed once and ended up in Heaven due to a mistake in paperwork. So Lobo and Deadman hold the secret to Anti-Life AND become a God. Fun times.
With the aid of Lobo's bike they escape and mayhem ensues the way only Lobo can do it!
Eventually, they both end up confronting Darkseid who concedes failure and let's Deadman and Lobo go...but not before he takes the Mother Box away from Lobo who mentions he gave it the 'once over' which turns out to be bad news for Darkseid.

Overall, this was a very entertaining Lobo one shot. It's always best when he's just violent and vulgar, which always betrays the fact he's a very smart man. The art is top notch and very expressive. Fans of Deadman should enjoy this just as much as fans of Lobo. It's also nice to know that Darkseid knows of Lobo and even he treads carefully around him.

And there is your really quick review of a Lobo one shot!

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