Monday, October 11, 2010

New York ComiCon 2010

I didn't go but MAN were there some killer announcements!
In no specific order, the things that I'M looking forward to:

  • IDW announced a new ongoing GODZILLA series in February 2010!
  • Marvel announced a few cool thing...first, some new titles coming out in January will be priced at $2.99 and they will be condensing some of their lines to go along with that.
  • They announce in January there will be a new one shot from DnA featuring the cosmic fall out from this year's Thanos Imperative!
  • We're getting a new Hobgoblin, which was already announced, AND possibly a new Venom, which has been hinted at, in Amazing Spider-Man!
  • Apparently Onslaught has been trapped in the Negative Zone all this time. He comes back in February and he isn't happy.
  • Vertigo announced a second Cinderella miniseres: Fables Are Forever!
  • And they hyped next month's release of Fables #100!
WOW! some really nice things coming very soon!

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