Thursday, October 07, 2010

Weekly Pulls

Words: Chris Roberson
Pictures: Michael Allred

I, Were-Terrier! This is it! The Secret Origin of Spot, the Were-Terrier! Learn his mysterious past! His parents killed in a car accident when he was young, he was taken in by his grandfather who was a cartoon voice actor, he voiced a cartoon monkey called Mr. Chimps, as young Scott grew up he became a fan of fantasy, comics, movies anything, much to his grandfather's dismay.
This put a strain on their relationship and shortly after graduation, Scott moved from Portland, OR to Eugene, OR. One night, while walking home, he came across a dog, a terrier, lying dying on the sidewalk, he went to touch it to see if it was dead when a strange feeling came over him.
Later that night, things started getting really hairy.
Yeah, that's his origin, and it actually goes really well with what we learned last month we know about upper and lower spirits and this ties in very nicely with the whole were-anything aspect of this world. It also makes the ending, with his grandfather, pretty funny.
So, yeah, this was a simple origin issue, getting us ready for the upcoming fight with the vampires starting next month. And we see Scott's first meeting with Gwen. Just a nice, relaxing issue.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #21
Words: Tony Bedard
Pictures: Claude St. Aubin

To Be A R.E.B.E.L., Part 1: Seems the Green Lantern Corps doesn't much care for Vril Dox and his L.E.G.I.O.N. They want to shut him down. Unfortunately, for the Corps, Dox has Lobo on his side.
Ever since Lobo gained a Red Lantern Ring (Green Lantern #55) he's been having to deal with the whole Green Lantern world to some extent.
This time he's fighting a Lantern who's whole world is a warrior world, they even look up to Lobo as the perfect fighter. Which makes for an interesting fight, especially once Lobo actually lands a punch (followed by countless more)
We're also learning more about Lobo's interaction with the power of the Rings. His will power seems to be very strong allowing him to destroy nearly anything the Lanterns can construct with their Rings.
Honestly, Lobo is the ONLY reason I'm reason this, I don't know many of the other characters but this book is still fairly new and is written in a way that makes it easy to get into.
The only thing I wonder about is why Lobo didn't have his boots on in this issue?

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