Friday, November 05, 2010

Weekly Pulls, Part 1

Okay, so I have a lot of things going on right now, I'm working on moving my comics and book shelves around, but I have about 3 weeks worth of comics to read so I'll be reading a few a posting reviews as I do them. So, that's why I called this 'Part 1'

Words: Mark Waid
Pictures: Paul Azaceta w/Matthew Southworth

Origin Of The Species Concludes!
The Lizard 'out smarts' everyone and gets his claws on the Osborn baby! He decides it's a good thing and won't kill the kid because of Norman Osborn tries to hurt him again he will have an ace in the hole, so to speak.
He does notice that the baby seems off and, using Conners' smarts (what he still retains that is) performs a blood test on the child.
Meanwhile, Doc Ock is hot on the Lizard's trail. He 'teams up' with Spider-Man who explains that the Lizard is more reptile than man now. Ock agrees with tells Spidey when all is said and done he will kill the both of them.
Okay, so the long and the short of it is The Lizard figures out the baby isn't what everyone though. He isn't a 'pure blood' Goblin. Spidey verifies it and takes the kid for more tests.
The best part here is Spider-Man used Ock. The Lizard has this effect on people's brains now, the closer you get to him the more you give in to your baser instincts. This let's Spidey manipulate Ock and gives him an out as Ock turns on Lizard for getting into his brain.
In the end, Spidey is cleared of kidnapping charges and the baby ends up with his REAL father: HARRY Osborn!

Words: Brian Clevinger & Lee Black
Pictures: Brian Churilla

The fun version of Marvel's legendary event continues!
See the Original Death's Head in a single panel cameo!
Witness Wolverine fighting Astrocrows!
Cringe as Doom makes...lunch?
Alright, this issue had me laughing out loud, just like the previous 2 issues did. The story remains: The "new" Avengers are on a quest to the far corners of the galaxy to find out why half of the population of everything disappeared. They hit a few bumps on the road but eventually end up face to face with Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet!
A fight ensues and our heroes (and Doom) are defeated!
Seriously, if you want a good fun take on a classic story this is where you want to be. Just imagine: Doom making sandwiches for the others! DOOM! SANDWICHES!! OTHERS!!!
You simply cannot go wrong with that.

Words: Roger Langridge
Pictures: Chris Samnee

This series continues to be the most entertaining superhero book I collect. A basic retelling of Thor's origin, of sorts, we know he was banished from Asgard to Midgard to learn humility. We don't know what the argument was about, Thor apparently did something so wrong that Odin forbids anyone from talking about it. We also learn that Thor seems to have lost all memory of the incident and the ensuing punishment.
Good thing the Warriors Three show up! They fill in a few blanks then take Thor out of country to a pub for a good time and some drinks. They have a rather entertaining run in with Captain Britain which leads to one of the most entertaining hero fights I've ever seen!
There isn't enough I can say about how fun this series is in general and this issue specifically. You really need to hunt it down and check it out.

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