Friday, November 05, 2010

Weekly Pulls, Part 2

Words: Brian Bendis
Pictures John Romita, Jr.

The first story line concludes! The Avengers, along with some help from their future selves and the Next Avengers, fight to save the space-time continuum from being destroyed by a fight between Immortus and Ultron.
The issue begins with the Avengers, mostly Iron Man, trying to convince Ultron that he needs to lose the fight against Immortus, it's the only way to prevent the timestream from being destroyed. It takes some convincing but Ultron is nothing if not a very logical creation. He realizes the Avengers are correct and when the fight occurs he doesn't defend himself and is 'defeated.'
Seems like a quick wrap up to a bigger story but the fall out is interesting. Immortus kills the future versions of Hulk and Stark and sets out to win everything now that he knows how the Avengers defeat him. The Next Avengers, though, fight back and seemingly destroy him in a scene that takes up back to the first issue of the series. I good wrap up, some future storylines hinted at: the future Stark warns current Stark that Ultron will come and will destroy the human race and must be stopped as well as a hint to Bucky Barnes future and it isn't pretty.
Next up: my first interaction with the Red Hulk!

Words: Jonathan Hickman
Pictures: Steve Epting

Three, Part 2: The main storyline of the new Kingdoms kind of takes a back seat in this issue. The main thrust here is The Thing. Back in FF #580 the kids of the Future Foundation created a serum that would cure Ben of being the Thing but with a catch: It will only turn him human for one week a year.
That was introduced and set aside until now. He takes the formula and it works.
The reasons this take over from the main story is because we see things differently with Ben. After turning human and getting a bad prank played on him by Johnny, the two go out, at johnny's suggestion to do the things Ben can't normally do.
It begins with being able to walk down the street without being stared at. They take in a baseball game and a poker game. Johnny is in top form helping his friend take in everything he can while he can.
There is a run in with the new Yancy Street Gang, very funny, then Johnny shows how much love and respect he has for Ben. He takes Ben to see Alicia Masters so they can spend some quality time together while Ben is human.
Aside from that we have Sue going to Utopia to accompany Namor to the talks between new and old Atlantis and Reed studies the Fault and has a rather interesting conversation with the Silver Surfer.

Words: Bill Willingham & Matthew Sturges
Pictures: Tony Akins

It all starts to come together. We begin by getting caught up with all the characters who have played a major part in this series.
John still has Excalibur stuck inside him and has become a side show attraction known as The Impaled Wild Man.
Raven and the Fables Jack freed from the Golden Boughs are put back on their original path as Raven gets a dream visit from his Spirit Animal reminding him of his purpose: Protect Jack Horner.
This has Raven leading the others to Fabletown which will be interesting because A) Mister Dark is there and Fabletown is gone. Dark's influence on Fables will make this very interesting and B) Raven's Spirit Animal seems to know what its done.
Also, we catch up with the Sisters and learn which one of them is the baby's mother.
Jack Horner, still a dragon, tells Gary of visions he's having which tell us of a big fight that's coming and will bring the End to us.
Yes, The End. It was recently announced that next year will see the release of Jack Of Fables #50 which will be the final issue of this series.

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