Saturday, December 04, 2010

Weekly Pulls

Words: Chris Roberson
Pictures: Michael Allred

Alright, I've enjoyed this series, for the most part, since it began but it just doesn't seem to be doing much of anything.
One thing I've always done was when I get a new issue of a series I try to remember what happened in the previous issue.
If I have a hard time remembering then I seriously consider dropping the book.
While things in this book are REALLY good, like the art, the overall story, I have to admit, is slow and I just can't see continuing with this book in the monthly format.
What this means is this issue will be the final one I buy and I will be switching to the trades.
It's a good series, a great concept, but on a monthly basis it just isn't enough to really keep my interest in it. I'm not saying don't check it out but maybe look into the trades instead of the monthly.

RAISE THE DEAD 2 #1 of 4
Words: Mike Raicht based on a plot by Leah Moore & John Reppion
Pictures: Guili Vilanova

I looked forward to this book. I REALLY looked forward to it. I REALLY enjoyed the first one and recently reviewed is here and posted it on
Imaging my disappointment when I opened the first issue of the follow up and got stuck with a really bad continuation.
I'm willing to accept that this is the first issue and things need to find their place but it shouldn't be this out of place right off the bat.
So, what happens? Well, we are introduced to Alfredo Bay, another victim of the zombie assault. There is a woman, presumably the sole survivor who lives in the lighthouse off the coast and makes trips to town for supplies. Okay.
Then we see the remains of the Federal Government. The President is missing and the Vice-President is a loon who seems to think if you think positive things will be better. It's kind of out of place but maybe something will come of it.
So, we go back and forth between these two concepts for most of the book until we finally catch up with the survivors of the previous series who go from a truck to a boat (the boy goes from brown to blond hair...makes no sense to me) and they have been watching the woman in the lighthouse.
Matt, the ex-con who lost an arm, goes to talk to her, he needs food and medicine for the kids, and while trying to talk to her he gets attacked and scratched by a seagull. I guess animals are infected now because the woman kills Matt.
Not very exciting and the art isn't very interesting, almost like it's trying to find itself instead of just being interesting. I'll check out the next issue and I'm REALLY hoping it begins to do something interesting because this first issue was a major let down.

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