Thursday, November 25, 2010

Weekly Pulls

This is the first of many posts that will be in conjunction with From now on, each week I will be doing my usual reviews of new comics I get but one comic each week will be my Pick Of The Week which will be featured EXCLUSIVELY on ComicBooked.Com.
Let's get started, shall we?

Words: Brian Clevinger & Lee Black
Pictures: Brian Churilla

The conclusion to the lighter retelling of Marvel's Legendary Event concludes!
Will the heroes (and Doom) defeat Thanos and save the universe? If you don't know that answer to that then you haven't been paying attention.
This issue contains the fight between Doom and Thanos over the Gauntlet, as Doom puts the Gauntlet on! But here's the twist, while normally that would be a tremendously bad thing we are saved by the fact that the Gauntlet doesn't work when Doom wears it. He gets attacked by Thanos who quickly rips his head off revealing Doom to be (another) Doombot!
Before Thanos can put the Gauntlet back on Spider-Man snatches it away from him and as the heroes fight Thanos, Spidey puts the Gauntlet on and wish Thanos had "never got the Infinity Gems" which rewinds time, fixes everything and puts Spider-Man in the position of knowing what happened while everyone else forgot...or never knew since the event never took place.  Well, nearly no one knows...Thanos remembers and he's not happy!
Overall this was a very entertaining miniseries and has my approval. The art was fun, the characters were played off very entertainingly and the overall presentation was just plain fun. Marvel has already announced the trade which will be released in February 2011 and will include the first issue of the original Infinity Gauntlet. If you passed on these issues I would highly suggest the trade!

Words: Daniel Way
Pictures: Carlo Barberi

I'm Your Man concludes with lots of mayhem, loads of guns and fireworks.
Deadpool displays his rather interesting version of intelligence as he tried to figure out which Steve Rogers is a Dr. Bong created clone and which is the real deal.
He displays his version of a well thought out plan by way of total chaos and nothing making sense until the very end.
Overall this was probably one of the best issues of the series since the whole "I'm Deadpool and I want to be a hero" thing isn't pounded into our heads. It isn't like we haven't gone down this road before so it's a little played out but this still remains entertaining.
Also, seeing Steve Rogers actually letting Deadpool run the show is interesting.
Other than that, we all find out, at the issues conclusion, that Dr. Bong is probably no longer a threat of any kind as Deadpool, shall we say, cuts him off from his sonic/bong abilities...
The issue seemed to read really fast though, something I've noticed about most Deadpool books...wonder if I'm the only one who notices this...

Words: Jonathan Hickman
Pictures: Steve Epting

3, Part Three: Lots of things going on here so let me break them down:
First we have Reed Richards having to explain to a very annoyed Galactus and Silver Surfer why there is a corpse of Galactus buried deep in the Earth. Reed explains why there is a body there and Galactus takes Reed to this Nu-Earth so he can get further explanations. Once back on Taa II, the home of Galactus, the Devourer tells Reed that there is another reason he wanted Reed to join him. He begins to tell Reed that Franklin's powers have returned.
Second we have Sue trying to create a peace between New Atlantis and Old Atlantis. Namor, ruler of New Atlantis, seems to be going along with the meeting but refuses to give in to many of the demands of the Old. Finally, after explaining the only reason he agreed to the summit was to see the face of the Old, he kills the king of Old Atlantis and proclaims there is only ONE king of the sea: Him.
Then we have two smaller but equally important stories: Johnny and Ben enjoying Ben's week as a full human begin to talk of the future and fatherhood.
And we have the ominous return of Annihilus and the beginning of the 'Second Annihilation Wave'
Lots going on here but it's all laid out and not jumbled. I love it.

Words: Roger Langridge
Pictures: Chris Samnee

The Adventures of Thor continues! Thor continues to take Jane Foster around the world, showing and learning of the beauty of Earth and what it has to offer.
Langridge does a good job of showing the conflict inside Thor: on one hand he wants nothing more than to go home to Asgard yet on the other he's fallen in love, even if he doesn't realize it, with Jane Foster and would do anything for her.
During a dream or flashback sequence we see Thor on the Rainbow Bridge talking with a different version of Heimdall. I say different for two reason: 1, he's black and tall. I never really saw him as being taller than anyone else and 2, he's able to change his form. Something else I never knew he could do. He changes to Fin Fang Foom which gives us our cover shot and also kind of let me down because I was hoping to have 3F in the book for real. Despite this, though, it was still good to see another Asgardian in the book. It also makes me curious as to how the others will look and act in this book.
Which brings us to the bad news. Thor, The Mighty Avenger, one of Marvels best all ages books, has been canceled. January's issue 8 will be the final issue. Truely a sad time considering how truely awesome this series is.

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